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australian girls whatsapp numbers

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How to Get Australians Girls Whatsapp Numbers

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australian girls whatsapp numbers

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My name is Jessy, and I am a Dental Nurse who loves connecting with people from all over the world, you can dating australian girlschat/call me on whatsapp with my phone number.

Name: Jessy Love
Age: 22 years
Occupation: Nursing Care
Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Whatsapp Number:

+61 9632541548

I’m Anne Bello, I’m a mix of Filipino/Australian. I’m a student and as a student I believe meeting new people is part of Education. Mariana

I am on the lookout for someone who would like to be friends with me, preferable it should be a guy. But girls are also welcome. I like to laugh and also video call. So be prepare for a whole world of fun with me.

Name: Anne Mariana
Age: 23 years
Occupation: Student
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Whatsapp Number: +61 3152450101

I am Jenny Melissa from Melbourne in the eastern suburbs; I love Korean, Chinese Vietnamese music. I love Korean food and Bubble tea. I love a lot of stuffs, but let me not bore you here until we meet.Jenny

I have a preference for an Asian male (Chinese, Korea Japanese, Thai etc). If you would like to know, I love shopping and have exclusive dates at the best restaurant in Melbourne.

Basically, what I am looking for is someone from Chinese, Japanese or Korean who is wealthy and has enough money to take care of his woman.

Name: Jenny Melissa
Age: 21 years
Occupation: Student
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Whatsapp Number: +61 9652145874


Now, go make that connections!

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