The Best Telegram Groups for UPSC Preparation 2024

Are you on the lookout for the topmost Telegram Groups to score in the UPSC exam?

Well, you are not alone here and almost every other UPSC aspirants are in the same boat. The UPSC exam is one of the most challenging examinations in India as well as in the world.

As it’s a highly difficult test, it carries an unmatched level of weight. Yes, when an applicant is able to clear the examination, s/he is revered in high respect in society.

The UPSC exam commands a top place for itself in the roster of some of the hardest examinations.  Thus, we have come up with our list of the best of Telegram Groups that will enable you to crack the IAS examination.

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Union Public Service Commission or UPSC is one of most respected central government bodies in the country. It is the central agency of India and conducts a number of exams all across the country. These include CSE (Civil Services Examination), NDA, IFS, SCRA, CDS and so on. Among all the CSE commands a very special spot. Commonly dubbed as “IAS”, the examination is made up of as many as 24 services- including IPS, IFS, IRPS, IAS, IRS etc. Government service aspirants are always looking forward to score high in these examinations. However, just a handful of them manage to acquire the needed cut-off.

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Given its high difficulty level, it’s often tough for any candidate to crack the examination in his or her first attempt. Hence, the Indian central government has come up with a fixed amount of changes for appearing in the UPSC exam. And this is where our Telegram UPSC Groups will come to your rescue.

These Groups are packed with a wealth of resources that are very crucial for a candidate to pass and score higher in the exam. You will even be able to check them from your home only as well as on the go since these resources are available on your smartphone & computer only.

The Telegram Groups that we have mentioned here make sure to update all the resources provided to ensure the most effective preparation for the UPSC aspirants.

You will develop the confidence to crack the exam when you will study the resources offered by our listed Telegram Groups. All the links we have provided here were completely working when we mentioned them in our article. You must check out all the links to find out the most compatible one for you. This way, one will soon be able to acquire membership of a Telegram UPSC Group.

A brief on UPSC examination

UPSC is the abbreviation of Union Public Service Commission. This is a major governing body which works under the Indian central government. UPSC has been entrusted with the responsibility to conduct Public Service Examinations.

Union Public Service Commission conducts a wide range of examinations. But it’s the IAS Examination which is the most popular & desirable of the lot. This exam is officially termed as CSE (Civil Services Examination). It’s one among the toughest of examinations across India. However, if you are ready to study hard with dedication & patience and proceed strategically- you will be able to crack the exam. Most of the UPSC aspirants are unable to pass the test in first attempt. However, it will only be possible if you march on with right strategy and approach.

Before one sits for the examination, s/he should gather the basic information about the major aspects of this exam. These include exam criteria, pattern as well as ways to excel in the examination. This is where the Telegram UPSC Groups come up as a lifesaver. They will provide you with the best inspiration and knowledge and also put you in touch with several like-minded UPSC aspirants. You can exchange information or gather data from them. This way, you will gradually start to develop your confidence to sit for the examination.

Here is a brief on main aspects of UPSC and these groups.

Exam pattern of UPSC IAS

upsc exam

UPSC conducts CSE once in every year in 3 stages:

  • The prelims
  • The Mains
  • Personality Test or Interview Round

You have to gather the desired cut-off in every level to proceed to the next level. However, if you want to see yourself in the final roster, you should aim to score high marks as well.

Reason behind the popularity of UPSC examination

UPSC examination is your key to see yourself in a respected central government job. And such jobs always command great power & reverence. Here are some points that will explain why this exam is so popular.

  • Social Conditioning

We can’t deny Indians are reared with some kind of “Herd Mentality”. It means children are taught to listen to everything their parents seek from them as it has happened with the parents themselves. It’s kind of like a continuous tradition in the country. Children here hardly have any kind of say on what the parents decide for them. For example, most parents want their children to enroll into Engineering or Medical courses after they pass the 12th standard. Other streams hardly get any sort of respect from most of the Indian parents. It’s somewhat the same case with the UPSC preparations. As the central government jobs always carry a certain level of gravity, Indian parents are desperate their children to crack the UPSC examination.

  • The gravity of Civil services

Civil Services officials or IAS officers are often revered with an overwhelming sense of awe & respect. a lot of people in India are of the opinion these officials are no less than kings. Some of them even think that these civil service officials are beyond the law. It’s just because the mighty central government has chosen them. Most of them can’t treat these central government jobs as just a job.

As a result, major social influencers such as Anand Kumar and Kailash Satyarthi are not treated with the same respect. They have made immense impactful contributions to the society but since they are no IAS official- their service didn’t get the due reverence here.

  • Power and perks

The IAS officials are deemed to be highly powerful since they manage important central government positions. But what a lot of people fail to realize is that while these professionals are extremely powerful, they should also carry a high sense of responsibility as well. Many people don’t understand this simple thing that no IAS officer can be above the law.

However, incidents are not uncommon where corrupt politicians kind of force these officials to support their wrong-doings. If an officer protests, he is often subjected to dire consequences. But these news reports hardly make the headlines. Thus, common people leave in the darkness about the actual level of power of the central government officers.

Top Telegram UPSC Groups for 2024

Before taking to the link, make sure to check the top Telegram UPSC preparation Channels.

If you are unable to afford the needed notes and other study materials to prepare in the best way for the UPSC examinations – these Telegram groups will be really helpful for you. The best aspect of these Groups is that these allow you FREE to all the test series, newspapers, ebooks, notes and so on that are needed for best preparation of UPSC. You will also get free access to toppers talk.

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Not only you will get the study resources free of charge, but these groups will even enable one to clear their doubts freely through easy discussion with group members. We have conducted a comprehensive research to find out the best of the Telegram Groups to make the most of UPSC examinations. Every name in the list is hand-picked and we guarantee you best sources of study resources and discussion.

Why join the Telegram UPSC Groups?

These groups offer you immediate access to the best of study materials you need to score higher in the UPSC exams. No longer would you have to waste time in waiting for hard copies that take 2-3 days to reach. You will even have the provision of instant access to insightful discussions about UPSC exams, thanks to these Groups. Besides, here you will find all necessary information under one roof. This way, you won’t have to waste time & energy in looking for the study materials yourself.

How the Telegram IAS Groups help out the applicants?

The Telegram IAS Groups are a great help to pass the UPSC prelims, Mains and also the final round in flying colors. You should know that these Groups will give you access to the most unmatched contents or resources that can bring a defining change in your marks. Put simple, here you will find the master notes that will enable you to stand out in this highly challenging examination. All the contents you will find here are presented in a proper organized manner to make it easier for you to find the needed information.

Additional stuff you will find in the Groups

You will find many useful extras here as well. These include insightful blogs penned by exam rankers, question papers of previous years, answer keys, data on exam pattern and so on.

Final words

So, wait no more.  Just sign up with these Groups to ensure a powerful preparation for UPSC exams.

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