Group Chat Names: Choose the best one for your Hangout group chat

Currently, online chats for groups are well known, and people use it every day. All existing social networks, to this day, have a group chat to make the closest interaction. Also, this type of online group chats apart from fun can come loaded with many other advantages.

People use an online group chat to communicate with fellow students or work colleagues. Also, they are very useful to arrange a meeting, a birthday, or to organize an important event. Families can also use this type of online chat to keep up with the activities that each one carries out and support each other.

Funny Group Chat Names Selections

Funny Group Chat Names

With the fashion of this trend, most people belong to a group of these, and others can be up to two or more. An online conversation is very similar to the real one and is a way of being connected with people without seeing each other every day due to distance or other time factors.

Facebook, with its Messenger, WhatsApp, and GroupMe, among its different options, allow you to change the name of the chat group. All users can see the new group name and thus have an organized list in case they have several chat groups.

Creativity plays an important role when choosing a name for the online chat group. People usually tend to be very creative and choose a name that identifies them or is very funny and causes empathy in the group. Another option is that the group name on these platforms can be modified several times.

How to choose a name for a group chat?

The first thing that you should take into account is the end for which you create the group and that people will have access to it. You must choose a name that identifies the group, but many people may not have the creativity to create something interesting.

You can choose many names according to the type of group you want to create, and this is a more concrete idea:


If it is the family members who will be in the online group chat, you or your family must choose an appropriate name that fits the type of group. Depending on the type of family, if they are very conservative or more outgoing, you can choose:

  • Beloved Family
  • The most loved
  • Happy family
  • My family
  • Family «Surname 1»
  • The big family
  • The blessed
  • Family BBQ

Only cousins

Friends can be friends or even enemies; everything will depend on the connection and the time they share. Cousins ​​who love to keep in touch can create an online group chat, and these can be some great names:

  • My first best friends
  • Crazy super crazy
  • The super cousins
  • Cousins forever
  • Friends of the heart


Sometimes the greatest trust occurs among friends, especially with those who are unconditional. A friend can become more important than a family member, and maintaining contact will be great. To joke or talk about serious things it will be ideal to have an online chat group between friends and some of the interesting names to choose from are:

  • The most beautiful
  • We are beautiful period
  • We are beautiful, and we know it
  • Only friends ?
  • Much more than friends
  • Much more than a group
  • Friends forever
  • Friends for what?


Some sisters are very unity and want to be in touch every minute. What better than a group chat for them, especially if distance separates them. Many names can identify a group of sisters and these are very interesting:

  • The sexy sisters
  • We are sisters
  • The pretty girls
  • Princesses
  • Divine
  • Exemplary sisters
  • Noble sisters

Just friends

The boys also need to have their space to talk about their subjects, especially to have those conversations that they prefer not to do in front of the girls. Regardless of age, friends can have their line group chat and place some interesting name like these:

  • The Super Girls
  • Friends of Death
  • We are friends
  • Best friends
  • Friends on duty
  • My best friends
  • Group of friends
  • Friends you are only
  • Friends of the heart
  • Friends forever

 Many people

Not all online group chat is strictly for family or friends only. In some, there may be many people who may be near or far and often little known. For this type of groups, there are also some interesting names:

  • Friendship Group
  • My great friends
  • Strong friends
  • They are my friends
  • Group of my people
  • We are ugly, so what?
  • Single friends
  • Fuckers
  • Friends cage
  • Water friends


These types of online chat groups, get used to being created by people who play sports in a team or who are simply amateurs. The sport is very interesting, and many names can fit perfectly in a group like this:

  • The players
  • A1 team
  • Only for official players
  • Substitutes are not allowed
  • Sports Mantes
  • Soccer, my passion
  • We love baseball
  • Soccer lovers

The dramatic

The drama also deserves to have their online group chat so they can take the hype to the extreme. You can create a name or choose some of these as they would fit perfectly in these types of groups:

  • Scary theater.
  • Theater lovers.
  • The land is good food.
  • Prawn punch.
  • Drama queen.
  • Drama King.
  • Drama students

Food and drinks

Many people love to talk about gastronomy, and some have great experience in this field and want to share their knowledge with others. Choosing a funny name like these will be a good idea to identify a group of food and drinks:

  • Swollen bar.
  • We own a lounge.
  • Shirt filled with drinks and coffee
  • The best food.
  • Rooster in motion.
  • Nana banana drinks.
  • Mystical food.

Strange names

You can choose many names to give life to an online group chat. The ideas of the previous names are very interesting, but there are still many names, especially strangers, that can be chosen depending on the group:

  • It’s none of your business
  • Can’t open
  • The Jellyfish Hunt
  • We are good
  • Train wheel punchers
  • Esparto sandals
  • Skull Hairdressers
  • Melons head


Animal-themed groups are also very common in social networks, either to talk about pets that are kept at home or to create an organization for their protection. They can have interesting names like:

  • The best hippo.
  • Special stars.
  • The most pathetic tigers.
  • Cooked worms
  • Smart cockroaches.
  • Library kangaroos.
  • The huge lions.


There are wide varieties of names that can also be chosen for diverse groups or another variety of online chat groups. These lists are names that are very interesting and original. But you can also fly the imagination to invent a more original name and better identify the members of the group.

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