Sugar Mummy on Whatsapp, Phone Numbers and Contacts

Are you looking for Sugar Mummy on Whatsapp? You want to make friends with older women who are seeking for attention and are ready to pay for it? Sugar momma are generally known to take care of their younger stud/guys. See sugar mummy phone numbers to get started with.

Sugar Mummy on Whatsapp, Phone Numbers, Emails and Contacts

See the full list of Sugar mommy on whatsapp and how to reach them below;

1. Madam Qiqi as she is like to be called is an American woman and she is looking for an intelligent young man from sugar mummy on whatsappAfrica that can take care of her and all that she represent.

Description: Qiqi is a humble woman who is down-to-earth, she is loving, she is kind, sensual understanding and who has the fear of Allah in her. Qiqi has great sense of humor and also very generous. She likes meeting new people and getting to know them much better. She is family-oriented, sensitive and a tender person with a heart of gold. She is ready to give all her tenderness and care to that special man who will make her feel special.

Comments: Money is not going to be a problem as Qiqi is a well-to-do woman with her own businesses. The lucky man should be ready to visit her in the USA anytime.

If you want the contact detail of Qiqi, you only need to drop your comment with your details and she will reach out to you. If you are lucky, you will be getting her whatsapp phone number and you guys can start chatting immediately.

2. Liliana is a beautiful young divorcee of 42 years old and she is seeking for a South African man who will take care sugar mummy on whatsappof her needs at all time.

Below is a little information on what you need to know about Liliana.

Know Me: Liliana is a happy and joyous woman and she has a strong and funny sense of humor. She is very passionate and always cheerful. In fact, her friends know her as “Cheerful Liliana” because of her everyday smile and happiness that she shares with people around her. She is looking for the right person with genuine value. She is not just looking for a sugar boy but also looking for a good relationship to share with the right person. She has two adult sons who are independent.

What I need: She is looking for a man who is ready to satisfy her in the inner chambers, a man with honesty and love. Liliana lived in Europe for 15 years and has seen different customs and she believed that African/foreign men are more loyal and respectful to their sugar momma. If you want to apply, simply send me a message.

Sugar Mummy on Whatsapp Numbers

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Update: We have just been contacted by rich sugar mummy online via email and the names and contact details of these beautiful older women who are seeking for young men like you will be added before the end of the week! Make sure you are online when we paste them. According to the 2 of them, we will have to remove their contact details when they find the right persons. And this Sugar momma are from South Africa! Watch out.

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