Best Telegram Channels For UPSC Preparation 2024

Are you planning to sit for the UPSC exam? Well, it won’t be exaggerating to say Indians are kind of obsessed with UPSC examinations and for all the right reasons.

The prime reason here is that success in UPSC exams is your key to holding the highest ranking government jobs in India. It further means excellent salary, benefits and of course strong job security throughout your life.

But to crack the UPSC examination, you need the best support. Thus, we have listed down a roster of top Telegram Channels that will enable you to pass UPSC exams in flying colors.

best telegram channels for upsc

Commonly dubbed as the “IAS examination” in the country, UPSC is undoubtedly one of the most challenging examinations in India.

It has been the Holy Grail that all government job aspirants aspired to clench someday. Services such as IPS, IFS, IAS as well as IRS have been revered as “the” service to look up to always.

Millions of aspirants sit for the UPSC examination every year yet just a handful of them are able to crack it. Thus, it can be inferred that you not only have to work really hard but work strategically and systematically.

Given the high difficulty level of UPSC exams, an application should have his/her focus set straight from the beginning.

The exam is certainly no cakewalk. It demands a higher level of commitment, dedication and hard work. One should only proceed with the preparations if one is determined to devote that amount of labor to the examination. Now, again, the UPSC exam could be challenging but it’s nothing impossible.

If you have the zeal to succeed and if you are all set to commit an enormous amount of energy and time into it, then no one will be able to stop you.

A big mistake that is often observed among first-time UPSC aspirants is lack of knowledge about the major aspects of the exam. To prepare for an examination effectively, you need to have complete understanding of its eligibility, exam pattern as well as other such aspects.

UPSC exam comes with its own set of age limits, eligibility criteria, exam patterns, and so on. It’s almost like a set of battles for the examinees. But to succeed, one must practice due diligence while choosing the battles.

Remember, you will have to invest great deal of time & energy into the exam. If you invest them in not-so-important places, you won’t have anything left to invest in the most crucial areas.

A brief overview on UPSC Exam

UPSC exam or IAS exam is conducted by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). The exam opens the door to highly respected central government positions. The UPSC conducts the exam to select the best of minds who will hold positions in fields like IRS, IAS, IFS or IAS.

The selected candidates are given rigorous training to ensure the best possible service for them. However, here we will discuss about some basic details regarding the UPSC examination.

Important details of IAS examination

Officially dubbed as “CSE” (Civil Services Examination), the exam is held annually by UPSC. The examination is comprised of 3 stages- Preliminary Examination, Mains Examination, followed by Personality Test & interview.

The body conducting IAS Exam Union Public Service Commission (UPSC)
IAS Exam Mode Offline
Number of time exam conducted Once Annually
Age Limit of IAS 21-32 years
Date of IAS Prelim 2022 June to August
Date of IAS Main 2022 October-December
Pattern and question types of IAS exam Only MCQs for prelims and Descriptive for Mains

Why is UPSC examination very tough?

upsc exam

Almost every other UPSC aspirant out there has one particular question-“Is it extremely tough to crack CSE examination?” Well, in simple words- Yes. However, the level of difficulty is relative and may vary from one applicant to another. But one thing, this exam is quite a tough job to crack.

However, we have put together some points here that will help you to gauge the difficulty level yourself only.

  1. Pattern of exam

One of the most vital points that increase the toughness level of the exam is the pattern of the exam. The examination consists of not 1 but 3 stages:

  • The Prelims
  • The Mains
  • The Board interview

Worst, you will have to pass each of the levels in order to proceed to next level. Besides, you should know, the quotient of difficulty tends to increase with each passing stage. The stages will analyze the subject knowledge of the applicant as well as his/her patience, ability to tackle problems, and so on.

  1. Syllabus of UPSC

UPSC syllabus is really diverse. There are so many topics and subjects that the applicant has to study in order to score good marks in the exam.

  1. Pass Percentage

Akin to any tough examination, UPSC shows not-so-high pass percentage. Of lakhs of students who sit for the examination every year, just 25% is able to pass the prelims. Again only 15% see success with Mains and are able to get to the final examination stage.

And only 1% is able to clear all the levels. But then, if you proceed with right strategy and temperament, you have a chance to find your place in that 1 percent niche.

  1. Preparation time

It takes a lengthy period to prepare for the UPSC examination. We have already mentioned the UPSC syllabus is huge and varied. It takes around 8-10 months to prep up for the examination.

Now, you have got a fair idea on the level of toughness of the UPSC examination. But then, if you are ready to work hard and proceed with a strategic bent of mind- you will succeed.

Tips for scoring better rank in the UPSC exams

Well, all the civil service applicants out there are eager to know that what it actually takes to score higher marks in the UPSC examination. Here are some tips that will help to score better:

  • Diagrams

Visual communication is more eloquent than plain textual communication. Thus, if any of your answers offers scope for diagrams, make sure to do that.

  • Side headings

Plain long texts of paragraphs are any day boring and ruin the readability of an answer. When you write an answer, you must make sure to divide the text into short paragraphs, headed by sub-headings. It will make the piece easily readable, comprehensible and hence would boost your marks.

  • Use Breadth

According to UPSC, the candidate must fulfill a certain level of dimensions. Thus, you should use breadth in your answers to score higher.

  • Flow charts

Flow charts are a great way to score higher in the UPSC. You can use flow charts with long descriptive answers.

  • Introduction

A good answer is never complete without a proper introduction. Thus, you must start your answer with a proper introduction to make it more presentable. You should make sure to insert all major keywords which you will explain later in your answer.

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Top Telegram Channels to crack UPSC exam 2024

The Telegram Channels that are meant to help you crack the UPSC examination is bustling with a wide variety of resources to help you with an effective preparation.

You will get Q&A, valuable notes, questions from previous years, important announcements regarding exam patterns, PDFs, and so on.

In case you need idea on creating Telegram channel, the link here will be handy. These channels work as a fantastic resource of important information that every UPSC exam aspirant should know.

One of the best parts about these channels is that these can share the needed knowledge among a great batch of UPSC aspirants in little time.

Besides, you will be glad to know, these channels offer information completely free of cost and for a lifetime. Thus, the UPSC aspirants who are unable to access the needed resources given financial woes will greatly benefit from these channels.

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Why to join the Telegram Channels for UPSC?

The major reason to sign up with these channels is the amazing accessibility these channels provide to a vast range of study resources for the exam. You will get the best notes, quizzes, question & answer, news, PDFs and so on. Then, yes, these services are available completely free of cost.

How will you find best of UPSC channels of India on internet?

Well, we have already listed down the best of Telegram Channels that you need to crack UPSC Hindi in this article. But then, if you want more resources, Google search will be handy. However, it’s to note here, we have taken extensive research to find out the top names.

We have searched all channels manually to filter out the topmost answers for the UPSC applicants. Thus, you have a pretty comprehensible and accurate list here.

Final words

Now, you have already got the link of the topmost Telegram Channels to score higher in the UPSC exam. So, you should put your heart and soul to follow them diligently.

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